Who We Are

The Coaches

Westside Youth Wrestling is managed, coached and funded by ex-wrestlers, parents, high school wrestlers and faculty; all of whom are non-paid volunteers, and eagerly give their time and support year after year to help maintain this program in the most true interest of the wrestlers. Without all of their support, West Side Youth Wrestling would not exist…we are very grateful!

Coach PaulCoach Paul is an alumnus of the Cherry Hill West High School wrestling team. He currently is a Cherry Hill resident and a proud parent. Coach Paul is a Program Manager for the Public Safety Communications group of a large corporation. His son also participates in the youth program, while other members of his family participate in the support and management of the program. Like many of the coaches and support cast, Coach Paul’s time has been given freely since the start of the program. His unique ability to run strict, fun, educational and open practices has been received with rave reviews since the program’s inception. It has also helped cultivate very successful young wrestlers. Coach Paul is not only a coach, mentor, and protector to the children in this program, but a friend to most parents as well. “Coach Paul makes coming to practice fun for all.”
Coach RobCoach Rob is a proud parent of three boys, all of whom are Westside wrestlers. Coach Rob has also been a part of the program since it began. He is an integral part of our success! Thanks Coach, we look forward to another great season.
Coach RonCoach Ron
Coach AngeloCoach Angelo is a proud parent of a Westside wreslter, a former local HS wrestler, a youth soccer coach and a fantastic youth wrestling coach.
Coach CraigCoach Craig
Coach MattCoach Matt
Coach MartyCoach Marty
Coach TonyCoach Tony
Coach DJCoach DJ